20 Minute Blues Backing Tracks
Guaranteed to improve your Blues!

Imagine getting a group of professional blues musicians together and then having them play a blues groove for more than 20 minutes while you can jam away till your hearts content - and when the 20 minutes is up, asking them to do the same thing again as you perfect a few killer licks that you've been dying to try out!

Now imagine that same group of professional blues musicians doing exactly as you want, in any key and pretty much any style and tempo - without any need to solo themselves or get in your way! And now imagine this happening in the comfort of your own home, no smelly practice rooms or tardy egomaniacs to deal with! Now, the likelihood of finding professional blues musicians willing to do this for you is slim to none! And even if you did, you'd have to pay them a small fortune for their time and expertise! So that's where 'The only true antidote for your blues' Blues Backing Tracks . com comes in!

We provide:
  • Professional
  • LONG (average over 20 minutes)
  • Convenient (play them in a CD player/computer/Ipod(tm) in the comfort of your own home
  • Gritty
  • Cool
  • Fast (up to 160bpm)
  • Slow (down to 40bpm)
  • Classic (many tracks inspired by Blues Standards)
  • Texas
  • Memphis
  • Delta
  • Chicago
  • Funk
  • Rock
  • Jazz

Blues backing tracks that are THE IDEAL TOOL to improve your blues improvisation!

Listen to 10 thirty second samples right here:

All of the tracks on Blues Backing Tracks . com are intelligently arranged into the following Categories:

  • Tempo - speed of the track (From 40bpm-160bpm+)
  • Style - either Delta, Chicago, Funk, Rock, Texas, Memphis
  • Length - 3, 5, 10 or Full Length (20 minute +)
  • Key - All 12 keys A, A#/Bb, B, C, C#/Db, D, D#/Eb, E, F, F#/Gb, G, G#/Ab
  • Classic - Tracks inspired by Blues Standards by famous artists
  • CD's - buy the Backing Tracks on Physical CDs
  • Musicians - who the backing tracks are for

A Little About Me:

My name is Johnny London and I've been a professional musician for 15 years and a guitar instructor for over 10, and in that time I've taught close to 1000 people. Many of my former and current students have achieved high levels of success in their playing and music careers. The reason for their high levels of achievement come through me imparting the 'secret keys to self-expression', and guess what? It all starts with learning how to play the blues!

And once you learn to express yourself through/using the blues you'll be well on the way to musical mastery!

This site was born out of the necessity to teach my students to learn how to improvise the Blues as the blues is such an incredible form of musical expression. It's raw, gritty power is a life-affirming, life-changing force of undeniable power!

Early in my Teaching career, I hit on the idea of having a track playing in the background for a long time (over 20 minutes) while me and the student could trade licks and I could teach them how to improvise. It's taken me many years for Blues Backing Tracks . com to come to fruition and for me to make available all of these professionally produced tracks in such a convenient and accessible fashion. But it's here! And I welcome you to read on, or just start clicking on different categories to the left and listen to the quality Blues Backing Tracks and maybe picking up a few to really spice up your jam and practice sessions. Remember all tracks come with a 30 day 'No Weasel Blues Improving' Money Back Guarantee - you've everything to gain and nothing to lose when you try out my tracks!

BluesBackingTracks.com is your number 1 site for Blues Backing Tracks!

It doesn't matter whether you're a guitarist, bassist, drummer, pianist or horn player - whatever instrument you play, I have the longest, best blues backing tracks dedicated to your blues improvisation and improvement!

The Longest, Best Blues Backing Tracks you'll find!

My philosophy here at Blues Backing Tracks . com is simple:
  • Long, cool, gritty, clean, dirty, sexy and raw Blues Jam Tracks that you can really let loose to!
  • Versatile, Classic Blues Backing Tracks that are perfect for Guitarists, Drummers, Bassists, pianists, Harp or Horn Players (and any other musicians!)
  • Different Styles, recorded by real, Professional Musicians at different tempi - no crappy midi sounds!
  • Ongoing and committed support to musicians wanting to live the dream of being a Blues Man or Woman!
  • Professional quality Blues Backing Tracks that make practicing your scales much more interesting
  • A continually growing Library of Excellent Digitally Downloadable Blues Backing Tracks that you can be jamming to in a matter of minutes!
  • A growing catalogue of Instructional videos committed to your continual improvement in the Blues
  • A Cool 'Blues Backing Tracks Club' with new monthly tracks delivered directly to your inbox /door!

To the right you can click and listen to any of 10 Blues Backing Tracks available here on Blues Backing Tracks . com, get your instrument out and start jamming to them right now if you want!!

These tracks are 1 minute samples of the longer 20 minute tracks that you can either buy now or receive every month when you become a member of the 'Blues Backing Tracks Club! (coming soon!)'

Why Blues Backing Tracks . com?

Because on this site you will find, without doubt, the longest and best blues backing tracks on the internet! There is also an increasing collection of varied and exciting Blues Backing Tracks that are only available here. The sole aim of this site is to improve your blues playing!

Check out some of the video lessons!

Some of the advantages of playing to the Blues Backing Tracks found on this site:
  • You can do it alone - No need to get together with other musicians which:
  • Eliminates arranging where to jam, lugging heavy equipment about, uncomfortable sweaty practice rooms and dealing with other peoples egos!
  • Saves a heck of a lot of time!
  • Sheer convenience - press play, and you can just jam away!
  • You're jamming with PROFESSIONAL MUSICIANS - all in the comfort of your own home!
  • The tracks are LONG and there's no-one looking over your shoulder judging your playing
  • You are FREE to express YOURSELF however YOU want to!
  • You'll get (a lot) better at the instrument you play!
  • You can upload these tunes to your Ipod (tm) or any other MP3 player and take them and jam with them anywhere you want!