Blues Backing Tracks by Key

  • Key of A Key of A
    Blues Backing Tracks in The Key of A - both A Major and A Minor - Although, mainly A minor! Incidentally, A minor is a GREAT key for Guitarists to improvise to!
  • Key of A#/Bb Key of A#/Bb
    Blues Backing Tracks in the Key of A#/Bb, both A#/Bb Major and A#/Bb Minor - A#/Bb is a 'warm' key that is not too common - these tracks are great to expand your improvising ability in this less used key!
  • Key of B Key of B
    Blues Backing Tracks in the key of B - Both B major and B minor - these blues backing tracks are great for honing your chops in this GREAT KEY!
  • Key of C Key of C
    Blues Backing Tracks in the Key of C - Both C Major and C minor. C is a great key to play in for most musicians!
  • Key of C#/Db Key of C#/Db
    Blues Backing Tracks Sorted by Key, tracks in the Key of C#/Db, both C#/Db Major and C#/Db Minor
  • Key of D Key of D
    Blues Backing Tracks in the Key of D - Both D Major and D Minor. D is a great funky (Think Couldn't Stand the Weather) and jazzy key that is paramount to work on and get good at improvising over!
  • Key of D#/Eb Key of D#/Eb
    Blues Backing Tracks in the Key of D#/Eb - Both D#/Eb Major and D#/Eb Minor. D#/Eb is a very 'warm' and guitarists will love it because they can tune their strings down a half step and play in E and get the 'same' results - just like Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jimi Hendrix
  • Key of E Key of E
    Blues Backing Tracks in the key of E - Both E Major and E Minor. E is THE guitar Key and (as a guitarist myself) I tend to favour writing blues backing tracks in this key! Sorry to all you non guitarists, but enjoy the tracks - you can jam to your hearts content using the E minor Pentatonic / Blues Scale!
  • Key of F Key of F
    Blues Backing Tracks sorted out into the Key of F - Both F Major and F Minor. F is what I call another of the 'warm' keys and can lend itself to slow sultry blues backing tracks or upbeat and fun. F is a great key for Horn players (so I've been told!) Happy jamming to these Blues Jam Tracks in F!
  • Key of F#/Gb Key of F#/Gb
    Blues Backing Tracks in the Key of F#/Gb - Both F#/Gb Major and F#/Gb Minor - F# is a seemingly 'colder' key, but is well worth honing your chops to! The placement of the F#/Gb pentatonic / Blues scale on the guitar loans itself to a lot of interesting voicing opportunities!
  • Key of G Key of G
    Blues Backing Tracks in the Key of G - Both G Major and G Minor. Some of the greatest blues tracks ever written are in the key of G, and here you'll find a growing number of classic sounding professional blues backing tracks that will get YOU playing like the pros!
  • Key of G#/Ab Key of G#/Ab
    Blues Backing Tracks in the Key of G#/Ab - Both G#/Ab Major and G#/Ab Minor. An interesting and underused key, but well worth getting proficient in. Every key has it's own unique nuances and G#/Ab is no exception
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