'Buddy Guy Style 'Feels Like Rain Blues' 23m10s Blues Backing Track in G Tempo: 78bpm, All Instruments
Buddy Guy style Blues Backing Track

'Buddy Guy Style 'Feels Like Rain Blues' 23m10s Blues Backing Track in G Tempo: 78bpm, All Instruments

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Buddy Guy Feels Like Rain Blues Blues Backing Track
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'Buddy Guy Style 'Feels Like Rain Blues' Blues Backing Track' in G Tempo: 78bpm, All Instruments, Length: 23 minutes and 10 seconds

Who else wants to REALLY Play the Blues like Buddy Guy?

Inspired by and in the style of 'Feels Like Rain' by the excellent Buddy Guy, this 23 Minute Blues Backing Track has the length and the groove that will help you make your guitar both talk and cry the blues! You can jam the Blues just like Buddy Guy in the comfort of your own home! Conveniently craft some serious blues licks to this extended blues jam track without anyone getting in your way or having to wait your turn in some dive at a poorly put together excuse for a blues night.

The original 'Feels Like Rain Blues' is a 1993 Silvertone Released Track that sees Buddy kick back a little and lay down a slow and novel 16 bar blues in the key of G major. If you need a track to hone your G Major Blues scale then this is the one for you.

This 23 minute long 'Classic Blues Backing Track' recreates the Subtle nuances of the original so you can lay down a mellow G major jam to it! Other users of Blues Backing Tracks have this to say:

Really helps make my guitar sing when I play to it, which is very cool!


The  track smokes. There is nothing on the market that comes close to the pure groove of this track (Pride and Joy Style) and your other tracks...

You will jam for hours to this track! and when I think about the 1000's of hours I've spent learning my craft, and the 1000's of hours that the other session musicians spent honing their craft and the good money I pay them to play on the tracks, and then there's the time spent recording, mixing, mastering and the $1000's spent on the equipment in my studio that facilitate the big mixes. Then my mind wanders to the time that it takes me to mix the different lengths of track, my attention to detail on every aspect of the process, then I think of the time spent posting the tracks to the site and the time it takes to write the copy that you're reading now and I'm struck by the INCREDIBLE VALUE PACKED INTO THIS LIFE-ENHANCING-BLUES-IMPROVING-POWERHOUSE-BLUES-BACKING-TRACK!! And you can get it today for little more than you'd pay for a burrito!

No other Blues Backing Tracks pack the punch that the Blues Jam Tracks sold here do. None others are as long, none others are as gritty or 'nasty', none others allow you to get into the groove you choose - these blues backing tracks are PERFECT for beginners and advanced players alike - whether you're not good enough to jam with the better players on your local circuit, or you're one of the best players on that circuit, you can hone new licks, cut new chops and learn the blues in the comfort of your own home with a band of PROFESSIONAL blues musicians willing on your every phrase.

Excite your practice sessions!

This Buddy Guy Blues Backing Track, along with the other Buddy Style tracks will breathe life into your practice sessions - instead of just playing scales you will actually start playing the BLUES! Even if you are just learning the blues scale, with this blues backing track playing in the background you'll sound like you are actually playing the blues!

As a teacher with over 10 years experience, I use my Blues Backing Tracks to teach the Blues and there is no better way to get people started on the path to Blues Guitar playing mastery - and there's no better more convenient way for you to improve your playing than using my Blues backing Tracks!
Check out a 1 minute sample below, and you'll hear for yourself, if you can't imagine tearing up some serious blues to this track for over 20 minutes then perhaps this site and these tracks aren't for you - have a listen, and decide for yourself:

To Blues aficionados, Buddy Guy needs no introduction, his style and playing is immensely important to the blues and to you too -  Learning from the greats is an incredible way to improve your own style, and a 'tool' like this 'over-20-minute' Blues Backing Track will be invaluable to your blues guitar improvement! 

Testimonial: (From Dave Robinson in Camden South Carolina)

I have played through the jam a couple of times (Buddy Guy Style Blues in A) and have gotten a pretty good sense how it is impacting me. It is pretty aggressive and that is fitting for Buddy Guy. I found myself playing clusters of notes and then going into long atonal bends. Perhaps it tapped into my subconcious understanding of Buddy Guy and yet I think it has broadened my understanding and appreciation of Buddy Guy. I have heard Guy criticized for playing sloppy and bending into atonality. And in part until very recently have accepted some of this or perhaps, liking Buddy Guy very much, have not really had an answer to this charge. Having played along with this backing track has given me an adequate response to this charge. Guy is getting close to the real emotional structure of intense feeling. Why should we presume that we experience this in a strict rhythmic structure. Having jammed with this backing track has renewed my passion for going back over some of Guys recordings. I think I am in a proper framework to gain a profounder understanding of his gift. It certainly wasn't lost on Hendrix. Perhaps it wouldn't be too bold to claim that Guy was responsible for shaping Hendrix's sound....

Available as a high quality MP3 (320kbps) digital download, you could be jamming to this track and mastering the blues in a few clicks!

Remember, this original, long and cool blues backing track is 30 day 'No Weasel Blues Improving Guaranteebacked by my 'No Weasel Blues Improving 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee'! So buy with trust, security and absolute satisfaction guaranteed! Just click on the above 'click to buy' button right now and you will be taken to our super secure checkout page where you will asked to complete the order!

To your future blues domination!

Blues Backing Tracks . com - the ONLY antidote for your blues!

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