'Damn That's Some Sweet Delta Blues' 20 Minute Blues Backing Track in C 96bpm
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'Damn That's Some Sweet Delta Blues' 20 Minute Blues Backing Track in C 96bpm

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I pulled out a National Dobro to record this track, added a little funk bounce to the groove and kept it as a 'pedal' in the key of C (A 'Pedal' is where it stays on the same chord/harmony for the whole song).

Now contrary to what you might assume about a 20 Minute Blues Backing Track that just stays on the same chord for the whole song, this track ALWAYS stays interesting, it's moderate pace will push your 24th and 32nd note runs, it will challenge you to explore deeper areas of scale theory - you'll be able to move beyond the major and minor Blues/Pentatonic Scales and delve into the melodic minor, harmonic minor, melodic major, harmonic major, double harmonic majors and minors - you can get fruitier than the Mardi Gras when tearing it up to this track!

You just can't beat the sound of the Dobro to take you back to where the Blues began, close your eyes and you'll be 'swinging on the porch', delta blues licks flowing from your fingers like the Mississippi winding it's way through the deep south, play it real, play it fresh, play it like the Blues Legend you know you are or can be.

You can't get any closer to the Delta than jamming to Johnny London's Delta Blues Backing Tracks!


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