Delta Blues Hero - 3 Blues Backing Tracks on a single CD
Professional Backing Tracks Produced to Improve your Playing!

Delta Blues Hero - 3 Blues Backing Tracks on a single CD

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Bring your Blues to LIFE with this stylish, affordable, Power-House One-of-a-Kind CD of Delta-Blues-Improvisatory-Backing-Track-Brilliance!

That's quite a mouthful I know! But Delta Blues Hero is a Cool collection of 3 20 minute long 'Delta Blues' style Blues Backing Tracks that is GUARANTEED to improve your BLUES.

Blues Backing Tracks . com has made it's name by producing the longest, coolest, baddest and greatest Blues Backing Tracks in the world! And this single CD collection combines 3 Blues Backing Tracks that will aid your delta-blues style improvisation and can be delivered to your door anywhere in the world.

Geared mainly towards Blues Guitarists, this CD will also benefit other Musicians looking to improvise in the key of E and F. You'll be able you to explore the E and F Blues scales until your hearts content!

The Tracks

The 1st track on the CD is Drivin' Blues in E. This Blues Backing Track is 22 minutes and 7 seconds long and is 100bpm. It is a Stripped Down Straight-Ahead Blues Backing Track Driven by a Martin 000 Acoustic Guitar with thumping Drums and bass and a wailing Hammond organ - All 3 tracks are more modern representations of the Delta Blues but retain their integrity to the style with the acoustic guitar and other Delta Style commonalities.

Listen to a 1 minute sample right here:

The 2nd track on the CD is Pony Express Blues in F. Weighing in at over 25 minutes in length, and at a tempo of 110bpm, this Blues Backing Track is fast and furious! It's an up-tempo (almost rockabilly) style blues backing track that was originally inspired by Charlie Patton's 'Pony Blues'. Both F major and Minor Pentatonic scales will work as you craft your killer solos over this track.

Have fun, and try and keep the Pony Express under control!

Listen to a 1 minute sample here:


The last track on 'Delta Blues Hero' is a 'Delta Blues Funk' Blues Backing Track in E, Tempo 100bpm, All Instruments, Length 20.19

This Blues Backing Track is a stripped back Progressive Delta Blues Funk in E. Delta blues style is predominantly acoustic guitar driven and the acoustic provides the dynamic impetus in this blues backing track.

There are also some Texas Blues leanings with a nod to Stevie Ray Vaughan and even Jimi Hendrix. I was thinking in the vein of a slowed down 'Drivin South' Blues and it was written with blues guitar players in mind. While being mainly for blues guitarists, this blues jam track would be equally great to play over for blues pianists, bass guitarists, blues harp/harmonica players, blues drummers, Blues Horn players and other musicians intent on improving their blues improvisation!

Listen to a 1 minute sample here:


A few Testimonials about Blues Backing Tracks:
I have worked with and found the product and service to be excellent.  After I made a mistake during my online purchase, I called Johnny.  He answered the phone and sorted out the problem.  I was on my way to jamming without delay.  As a beginner to intermediate player I have found backing tracks to be a great way of tapping into one's musicality, finding proper rhythm, and implementing scales that have been practiced.  Even a new player can break out of monotonous practice and improvise using basic scales.  It's a lot of fun and and an excellent way to find your own groove.
Scott Geroux
Superior, Colorado 

Hello Johnny. Thank you for the call. A new level in internet customer service for sure. Keeps it very human! The tracks are great. There really is no better learning and growing tool! Learn some scales and technique then play what's inside of you. That's what it's all about for me. I'm a 40'ish that picked the guitar again after 25 years and these tracks make sure I'll never put it down again. Thanks,
Oliver Krug (CA)

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