'John Mayer Out of My Mind Blues' 26m40s Blues Backing Track In D Tempo 56bpm

'John Mayer Out of My Mind Blues' 26m40s Blues Backing Track In D Tempo 56bpm

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Inspired by John Mayers Out of My Mind
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  • Over 25 minute Blues Backing Track in D
  • 30 day MONEY BACK No weasel Blues Improving Guarantee
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Do you want to play guitar like John Mayer?

Who doesn't? His electrifying style, while borrowing heavily from Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jimi Hendrix and other blues guitarists, is still excellent and technically faultless.

If you want to play the blues like John Mayer then this is a great place to start - by jamming over a Blues Backing Track inspired by 'Out of My Mind' by the John Mayer Trio. This professionally recorded and mixed Blues Backing Track will take you one step closer to playing like John Mayer himself!


This Classic Blues backing Track is inspired by the John Mayer Blues Track 'Out Of My Mind' and is a 26 minute 40 second Slow Blues in D.

Out of My Mind by John Mayer was written in 2006, and this blues backing track is slightly faster than the original - but the original track can be bought here: Out Of My Mind (Live In Concert) (Amazon Link)

Blues Backing Tracks are SERIOUS MEDICINE for your blues playing and this track is NO EXCEPTION! You can jam some killer blues to this long slow Blues Backing Track In D. By using the D Pentatonic / D Blues Scale to devise your incredible blues licks and blues Solos you will improve your improv - and that's guaranteed!

Remember, this Classic Blues Backing Track is over 25 minutes longand will allow you to get into a serious Blues FRENZY when jamming to it! The track features Drums, Bass Guitar, Guitar, Piano and Electric Piano and is a ONE-OFF track that can only be found here on BluesBackingTracks.com.

Also, although aimed primarily at Blues Guitar Players, this track is ideal for pianists, drummers, harpists and bassists - all musicians can benefit from the Serious Medicine found here at Blues Backing Tracks!

The Only Cure for your blues is Playing the Blues!


Please note that this Classic Blues Backing Track is intended to capture the groove of the original 'Out of My Mind' by The John Mayer Trio, and is in no way intended as an exact copy. I like to make my Classic Blues Backing Tracks slightly different so they give you the much needed room to create your own blues solos and not just parrot fashion copy someone elses!

What to do next:

Buy the track Blues fan, you NEED to drink this serious blues medicine, and start jamming and creating blues licks like John Mayer himself!

Check out some of the other blues backing tracks so you can pick up a variety of keys and styles to help the rise of your Godlike Blues Playing and Blues Guitar/Blues Music Domination!

Remember, buying and downloading the track is a simple, swift and super secure process handled by Paypal and all tracks have a 'No Weasel Blues Improving Guarantee' that lasts for a full 30 days!

You've NOTHING to lose and EVERYTHING to gain! so buy now with Trust, Confidence and Assurance!

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