Pride and Joy Blues Backing Track in E 120bpm 25m57s
In the Style of Pride and Joy - Jam Like the Texas Blues Legend SRV!

Pride and Joy Blues Backing Track in E 120bpm 25m57s

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Stevie Ray Vaughan Style Blues Backing Track!
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(The actual album version of Pride and Joy is in the key of Eb as Stevie used to tune his guitar down a half step so although he was playing in E you would actually hear Eb, but I've recorded this in the key of E so you won't have to tune your guitar down to jam along - sorry to offend any of you die-hard Stevie Ray Vaughan Fans! :)   ).
'Pride and Joy' Blues Backing Track in E 120bpm 25 minutes and 57 seconds long!

I'm often struck by the question 'what creates a guitar great?' and when it comes to Stevie Ray Vaughan I think of his brute strength and pure passion for the Blues. I also think of the sheer intensity of his playing, which is breathtaking.

As a player, Stevie deliberately made it hard for himself by putting ridiculously heavy strings on his guitars and action as high as a cheese-grater that would shred the fingers of lesser players. Maybe he inadvertently applied the same 'make-it-hard' philosophy to other areas of his life which led to him battling with drug and alcohol addiction but also to some KILLER blues tunes and a fantastic legacy after his untimely death. So there's an important lesson there, but it's one that most of us don't want to learn...


Arguably one of Stevie Ray Vaughan's most famous tracks is 'Pride and Joy',  this CLASSIC Track, the second on Stevie's first album 'Texas Flood', is a hard-hitting, mid to up-tempo Texas Blues Shuffle in the key of E. I think of this track as a slowed down version of 'Rude Mood'* featured on 'Texas Flood' too.


The 'Blues Backing Tracks' version is IN THE STYLE OF and INSPIRED by the Stevie Ray Vaughan original and weighs in at a very impressive 25 minutes and 57 seconds - this ruthless, long, professional blues backing track isn't for the faint of heart and will have you playing blues guitar in the implacable style of the Heavyweight Texas Blues-Rock legend Stevie Ray Vaughan himself! All you have to do is download, press play and just jam away!


So increase the gauge of and raise your strings, put some genuine passion into your playing by jamming to this one-of-a-kind, Classic Blues Backing Track!




An interesting fact about 'Pride and Joy' is that it was written for Lenora, Stevie's wife at the time, but she thought it was about an ex-girlfriend so Stevie later penned the tune 'Lenny' for her.


Remember, all the Blues Backing Tracks here on Blues Backing Tracks . com are professionally recorded and produced and guaranteed to improve your blues - simplicity, professionalism and convenience are the hallmark of all of our Blues Backing Tracks and once you start jamming to them you'll unlikely be able to stop!

Pride and Joy Style Blues Backing Track is ONLY Available here on as a high quality MP3 (320Kbps) digital download, you could be jamming to this track in a few clicks! 

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To your future blues domination!

Blues Backing Tracks . com - Serious Medicine for your blues!

*I think 'Rude Mood' will get the Blues Backing Tracks treatment soon and will be an awesome track to hone some super fast playing to! (Rude mood is about 250 bpm!)

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