'Purple Haze Blues' 21m01s Blues Backing Track In E Tempo: 95bpm, All Instruments
This exclusive 21 minute MP3 Blues Backing Track is your time machine to the 60s! Buy now :)

'Purple Haze Blues' 21m01s Blues Backing Track In E Tempo: 95bpm, All Instruments

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Jimi Hendrix's 'Purple Haze' Style 21 minutes 01 seconds long Blues Backing Track In the key of E Tempo 95bpm.

Transport yourself back to the swinging 60s, It's 1967, Hendrix has just released Purple Haze, his second single on both UK and US charts - taken from the seminal 'Are you Experienced' album this track became one of the 'archetypal psychedelic drug song of the 60s'. It's all sex-drugs-and-rock-and-roll and the in the air is a heady mix of marijuana and rebellion.

Hendrix's music is like a tornado tearing through the popular culture and Purple Haze put Hendrix at the vanguard of the 60s music revolution.

Now, you can go back to the 60s! Bear with me as this may sound a little strange, I've invented a time machine, no joke, after slipping, hitting my head, passing out, and coming round I saw a vision, a vision of a 'Blues Backing Trapacitor' - a 20 minute time travelling mp3 machine that when you play it on any normal stereo system or mp3 player, you'd instantly be transported back in time to the whatever part of history you wanted to go to!! In this case, the swinging 60's playing Purple Haze with none other than Jimi Hendrix!

Well, not really, but almost! Using the powers of the Blues and some creative production I bring you a 21 minute Blues Backing Track in the style of and inspired by Jimi Hendrix's Purple Haze. It's like jamming with Jimi for over 20 minutes to a specially produced and recorded 21 minute version of Purple Haze!

I've taken a few liberties with the form and turned it into a 12 bar blues progression, so you might be a little taken back, but the structure gives you a great opportunity to explore some interesting avenues of blues expression...

Remember, Hendrix was, at heart a blues player, and songs like 'Red House' and 'Hear my Train a coming' able demonstrate his Blues prowess - and this specially produced Purple Haze style track will help you jam the blues like Hendrix himself.

Available as a high quality MP3 digital download, you could be jamming to this track in a few clicks

Remember, this original, long and cool blues backing track is backed by my 'No Weasel Blues Improving 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee'! So buy with trust, security and absolute satisfaction guaranteed! Just click on the above 'click to buy' button right now and you will be taken to our super secure checkout page where you will asked to complete the order either using Paypal or Google Checkout (Both Highly Safe and Secure Payment Gateways).

To your future blues domination!

Blues Backing Tracks . com - Serious Medicine for your blues!

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