The BIG KAHUNA 31 Blues Backing Tracks Extravaganza - DOWNLOAD VERSION
Truly the most amazing collection of Blues Backing Tracks ever assembled!

The BIG KAHUNA 31 Blues Backing Tracks Extravaganza - DOWNLOAD VERSION

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Your Key to Blues Mastery - The Greatest collection of Blues Backing Tracks ever assembled!
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The Big Kahuna! Blues Backing Track Extravaganza is the longest, coolest, grittiest, most amazing collection of Blues Backing Tracks EVER assembled!

What The 'Big Kahuna' does is provide you with 31 professional 'over-20-minute-long' Blues Backing Tracks spanning 11 epic CDs (or as a fast and secure digital download) that are guaranteed to improve your blues.

These unmatched Blues Backing Tracks will take your Blues Playing to a level that until now you may've thought impossible!

If you don't want to read the sales letter below (after the Audio Player and Track Listing), and you're already aware of the Blues-Improving, Life-Changing Distinction that an Exclusive Collection of 31 'Over-20-minute-long' Blues Backing Tracks will bring you then click the BUY button, buy the box-set and take your Blues to the lofty heights you know you're capable of!

Remember, every Blues Backing Track on this 11 CD Compilation (or Digital Download Compilation) is OVER 20 MINUTES LONG

Listen to 1 Minute Samples of all the Tracks here:

Track Listing for 11 CD's are as follows:

Title, Key and Tempo



Byther Smith Style 'Dont Like To Travel' Blues Backing Track In A 50bpm


Otis Rush Style 'Cant Quit You' Blues Backing Track In Bb 50bpm


'Mid Town Funk Down' Blues Backing Track In B 80bpm


'Funk Me' Blues Backing Track In C 120bpm


'Drivin South' Blues Backing Track In C# 160bpm


Earl Hooker Style 'Baby Gone Away' Blues Backing Track In D 88bpm


'Funky Monkey' Blues Backing Track In Eb 90Bpm


'Die For The Funk' Blues Backing Track In E 80bpm


Charlie Patton Style 'Pony Express' Blues Backing Track In F 125bpm


'Funking Out' Blues Backing Track In F# 70bpm


'Santana Style' Blues Backing Track In G 85bpm


'The Blues Express' Blues Backing Track In Ab 85bpm


'Chicago Blues' 25m40s Blues Backing Track In D 120bpm


'BB King Thrill is Gone' - 22m51s Blues Backing Track in B 110bpm


'Blues Funk' 20m19s Blues Backing Track in E 100bpm


'Shuffle Kafuffle' 29m42s Blues Backing Track In C 75bpm


'Crossroad Blues' 26m07s Blues Backing Track in A : 120bpm


'John Mayer Out of My Mind Blues' 26m40s Blues Backing Track In D 56bpm


'Funk Out' Blues In A 100bpm


'Groovin Blues' 21m51s Blues Backing Track In E 110bpm


'Jazz Funk Blues Backing Track In D Tempo 85bpm


'I Am The Funk' 24m05s Blues Backing Track In A 100bpm


'Sticky Funk' 22m31s Blues Backing Track In Bb 120bpm


'Santana Style' 23m27s Blues Backing Track In F 70bpm


'Drivin Blues' 22m07s Blues Backing Track In E 100bpm


'Sticky Funk' 21m18s Blues Backing Track In Eb 120bpm


'Mojo Working' 25m44s Blues Backing Track In E 120bpm


'Super Slow' 24m47s Blues Backing Track In C, 45bpm


Funking In The Middle In D 100bpm


Funkety Funk In E 111bpm


Sunshine Of Your Love In D 111bpm


For the busy Guitarist - how to Improve your improvisation, play better and master the Art of the Blues!

Just give me 5 minutes and I'll show you a tool that'll BLAST your BLUES GUITAR PLAYING into the STRATOSPHERE!

Dear fellow Musician

You may be skeptical but:

What if I could give you a tool that is so useful, so enjoyable, so valuable and so enduring that you will be using it from now until you die for the improvement and mastery of your instrument?

What if this tool was so simple to use that even if you're a complete beginner, or a Jedi master you will get hundreds of hours of convenient enjoyment and use from it?

What if this tool could open the doors of creativity and the avenues of expression on your instrument that in the future you'll be AMAZED that you've traveled down!

What if this tool came with a 30 day 100% No Quibbles, Qualms or Questions guarantee to take away any risk you might have in buying something on the internet.

What if, for this 'magical' tool, which is in fact the sum total of my lifetimes work so far in this field, would cost you a lot LESS THAN HALF THE PRICE OF A MONTHS TUITION FOR MY PRIVATE LESSONS!

What is this 'tool'?

You've obviously seen, been amazed at, and admire guitarists like BB King, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan and many others. If you were brutally honest with yourself, that admiration might actually cloud a little bit of secret envy for their talent and ability - what do they have that you don't?

Well, to me, the only differences between them and you is time, focus and experience.

And the Big Kahuna gives you Time, Focus and the ability to cultivate your Experience to a high degree.

I'm not saying that you want to be BB King or Jimi Hendrix, why would you? You want to be yourself but have the ability that they cultivated, and again 'Big Kahuna' is RIGHT HERE to help you become the Blues Guitarist you long to be!

Are you ready to become the Blues Guitarist you deserve to be?

First off, let me introduce myself, my name is Johnny London and I'm a professional blues musician with over 20 years teaching and playing Johnny Londonexperience. I have tutored 100s of guitarists to great heights in their playing and music careers. I have developed a method of teaching that combines the philosophies of success with the practical application of physical learning that creates laser-focused guitarists and musicians with sublime self-belief that enables them to bulldoze their way into successful careers in the music industry.

I have mentored many guitarists to great heights of ability so that when opportunity knocks they are ready, willing and able to take the call.

I don't talk about my achievements to boast, I am merely tickled pink with the level of success my students achieve!

I would account my success to my focusing into 'why' my students want to learn their instrument. I discovered that the primal urge that moves all of us to learn an instrument is the desire to create and express oneself. This is no trivial matter, and when you let people know that learning an instrument is more than playing a few songs around the campfire - it's about coming to terms with what and why we're here in the first place - to create and serve using our talents and ability - this knowledge sparks a desire to truly master their instruments, and my method then gives them the tools to achieve their desire.

I know that sounds a little heavy, but when musicians start tapping into that 'energy', their increased enjoyment and success is inevitable!

Not only do I wake this part up in my students, I have developed a tool that effortlessly helps them along their new path!

What is 'The Big Kahuna Blues Backing Track Extravaganza'?

The 'The Big Kahuna Blues Backing Track Extravaganza' is a collection of 31 over-20-Minute-Blues-Backing-Tracks available either as a convenient MP3 download or as an 11CD double Boxset.

A single blues Backing Track is an invaluable and handy tool for all levels of blues musician - put simply, it's a recording of a blues groove that you can play on your stereo  or mp3 player and then just improvise/jam to.

Now, a collection of Blues Backing Tracks IS A PRICELESS TOOL for ALL GUITARISTS and as you will learn, the synergy created by a broad range of tracks can make you become an FAR BETTER PLAYER than you are right now (even if you're a Jedi Master already)

Blues Backing Tracks are simple, convenient and an incredible way to assemble professional Blues Musicians in the comfort of your practice room. Having Blues Backing Tracks are like having a pro blues band who are ready, willing and expertly able to jam the blues with you any time, night or day - and all for the improvement of your guitar playing!

Not all Blues Backing Tracks are created equally

The main difference between my tracks and the tracks you'll find elsewhere is quality and length. There are NO other Blues Backing Tracks in the WORLD that match the length of my tracks - the average length of each and every track found on 'The Big Kahuna' is OVER 20 Minutes Long! What this means is that when you turn one of the tracks on you can just let it play in the background while you JAM THE BLUES TILL YOUR HEARTS CONTENT or your fingers bleed - whichever comes first!!

Long Blues Backing Tracks really shine for music and guitar teachers who want to teach improvisation to their students - and in fact, I originally created my Blues Backing Tracks as a service to my students and others to help learn and teach Improvisation - as a teacher, they really are an invaluable aid!

Variety is the Spice of Life and this is what makes ' 'The Big Kahuna Blues Backing Track Extravaganza' so exciting - the many variations of tempi, keys and style blow this collection out of the water. The Big Kahuna's impressive range of styles cover Delta to Texas Blues, Chicago to Memphis Blues, Blues Funk and Rock mean there is something for everyone - and from the slowest most heart-rending blues grooves to rip-roaring roller coaster rides there is a tempo for every mood and occasion!

Every key is covered too, so you can explore all those less common keys and gain an incredible insight into the fretboard.

As you jam to this collection you will become a skilled improviser in all keys, many styles and every tempo, what more could you ask for?

Behind the scenes

Each Blues Backing Track 'tool' that I create is the result of 1000's of hours spent learning my craft, (and the other professional session musicians that I pay good money to have spent 1000's of hours honing their craft too). I spend countless hours in my studio recording, mixing and mastering these 'tools' and I've also invested $10000's on the equipment in my studio that bring these Blues Backing Tracks to life.
I also spend immeasurable hours mixing the different lengths of Blues Backing Track and I pride myself on attention to detail on every aspect of the complex process that brings the tracks to you. A great deal of time is also spent behind the scenes preparing artwork and posting the Blues Tracks to this site.

And each individual Blues Backing Track I create is so jam-packed with Exhilarating Blues Exploding Goodness that every measure provides you with a chance to explore the Blues like none other.

And with the whole process from inception to completion I'm struck by the INCREDIBLE VALUE PACKED INTO THE LIFE-ENHANCING-BLUES-IMPROVING-POWERHOUSE-BLUES-BACKING-TRACKS that are ONLY available on as this Premium Collection Box-Set or Digital Download!

Your Path as a Blues Backing Track Customer...

Here's how my customers generally get into blues backing tracks - first they buy a couple of tracks, just to dip their toes in the water to see if they like them.

They don't just like them, they love them!

They come back for more and they love the new tracks. The process is repeated and before long they've bought fifteen or so tracks.

Now, here's my advice to you if you're a first time buyer and you have a bit more money in your pocket:

You're going to LOVE playing to the tracks, they're going to really help out your playing and you'll get HOURS of enjoyment from them!

So, to save you money in the long run, and to save you time and effort, you can pick up The Big Kahuna (which is my life's work up to this point!)  at a great saving -

Thanks for your time!

Johnny London
Blues Backing Track Champion of the World!

PS - Other ways to save money are to pick up either Trading 12s 1 or 2 (See the Related Products below)

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