The Blues Guitar Seminar - GOLD Edition (digital download)
Everything in the SILVER package AND Trading 12s VOLUME 1 AND 2!

The Blues Guitar Seminar - GOLD Edition (digital download)

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Attention Beginning Blues Guitar Player:

How To Play the Blues and Impress people!

How you can take a product which is the result of:

  • Thousands of hours learning, playing and teaching hundreds of students to play the blues
  • Sitting through and playing 100's of blues jams, competitions and live shows
  • Thousands of hours professional blues playing experience and
  • Thousands of hours meticulous study of the guitar

and turn it into your ticket to Blues Guitar Soloing Mastery!

Hello, my name is Johnny London and I run the and - I am a professional guitarist and have been playing guitar for over 20, and teaching it for over 10 years.

First, I need to confess something. I am an addict. I'm obsessed. I'm fanatical, and I'm in love with something that isn't my wife and children! I'm guilty, I know, but in my defence, I fell in love long before I met my missus and had my kids, my 'mistress' is a love affair that deepens with each and every passing day! And I like my mistress to be dirty, and in fact, the dirtier she gets, the more I love her!

My mistress is the Blues!

I LOVE the Blues, I just LOVE the blues! From the very first moment I heard a wailing blues guitar I was hooked. Just a skinny little white kid from suburban London, I remember vividly the first time I ever heard Stevie Ray Vaughan, I had learnt to play a few chords on my Squire Strat and was on my way to a jam with some friends and Texas Flood came on the stereo in the car, I was utterly transfixed and I now know that that's when my obsession begun - I really wanted to play like Stevie Ray Vaughan, the raw passion, intensity and virtuosity were so magnetic to me - I set about devoting most of my practice time to picking up blues licks here and there, learning songs by him and other blues artists. I loved to jam the blues and did so with anyone who'd give me 12 bars and the time of day. Most of the practice sessions of the non-blues bands I was in almost invariably ended up with us ripping into some cool blues riff and just tearing up the blues. Fun times!

As time went on, and I got more and more adept at playing, I discovered an innate talent for teaching - I really appreciated sharing what I knew with students and watching them grow into guitarists in their own right.

The people that say 'Those that can, do. Those that can't, teach' are obviously fools that have never actually tried to teach! Teaching an art form in it's own right and to get good at it requires discipline, focus, effort, time and the right tools.

And when I began teaching, that's what I lacked: the right tools. I had experience, enthusiasm and a natural excitement for it, but without the tools, it made the job a lot harder and also a lot slower.

That's where the site was born, and from that, the

A few problems

I had hit somewhat of a brick wall when it came to teaching the style I loved the most - and more appropriately, how to SOLO in that style. So a solution presented itself in the form of me creating LONG blues backing tracks that I could use in my lessons to show and teach people how to solo the Blues.

Basically, my long Blues Backing Tracks allowed me and the student to literally just 'jam' the blues right there in the lesson. It's remarkably easy to teach the Blues while a playing to a blues backing track - the long blues backing tracks worked and still work an absolute charm in teaching the blues. And using the long blues backing tracks I discovered that like any art form, there are basics to soloing the blues that absolutely have to be learnt and mastered before you can progress and then go on to do it well.

And that's what you'll get when you get your copy of the Blues Guitar Seminar - a solid, structured schooling in the basic foundations of blues guitar soloing that need to be learnt, known and applied to become a good (or even a great) blues guitarist.

The Blues Guitar Seminar has been developed over years of study, hard work, obsession, application and professional experience!

Breaking Down The Blues

How do you eat a Blues playing elephant?...12 bars at a time...Terrible attempt at a joke, I know! But that age old adage conceals subtle wisdom - that doing one thing at a time, slowly, methodically you can achieve great things. That's the way the Blues Guitar Seminar is set up - to introduce you carefully and systematically to the 10 Main Areas of beginning Blues Improvisation, that once you know, you'll be set to create some killer solos - those 10 areas are:

  • Learning to play the same thing in different places
  • Slides
  • Hammer-ons and Pull-offs
  • Bends
  • Non-scale notes
  • Octaves
  • Silence and Repetition
  • Call and Response
  • Arpeggios
  • Using the Modes in Blues

These relevant chapters are taught using examples that can be listened to on the accompanying 94 track CD, every exercise has been painstakingly and accurately authored in traditional notation and Guitar Tablature so you can effortlessly listen and learn. Each chapter, and every exercise are essential to your Blues Guitar Playing mastery!

Each Chapter covers the most important things that beginner/beginner-intermediate blues guitarists really needs to know to solo like a pro. No fluff, filler or irrelevant stuff, just hard-hitting, appropriate, instantly useable and valid information that will set you up as the phenomenal blues guitarist you know you are and can be.

Also, on the Blues Guitar Seminar Workbook CD are 3 minute versions of the professional Blues Backing Tracks that I use to teach the blues in my lessons. The Blues Backing Tracks are ones that you can get playing the exercises, riffs and licks to right away - you'll sound like a bona-fide blues guitarist when playing to these tracks!

The Blues Guitar Seminar is geared towards the beginner/intermediate blues guitar player, and this comprehensive manual will answer all of your Blues related questions by:

  • Having a comprehensive reference bible of the blues scale - once you know the 5 positions of the Blues Scale, it will open up the neck for you to improvise from the open strings up to wherever you want!
  • Showing you how to play the same thing all over the guitar neck - one of the greatest (and little known) things about of the guitar is the way you can play the same thing in many different places - this chapter will shed light on how to do that, really opening the neck up for you
  • Teaching you how to use slides to liven up your playing - taking a close look at how a simple riff in the style of Boom Boom by John Lee Hooker is given character and life by using slides.
  • Helping you master Hammer-ons and Pull-offs - with some fiendish technical exercises thrown in, this chapter will increase your strength and ability to hammer-on and pull-off with conviction and poise
  • Revealing the different types of bend and which notes will sound good when you bend them, and which ones wont.
  • Improving your knowledge and ability to use 'Non-Scale Notes' to spice up your soloing - it's a great idea not to be to 'blues-scale-bound' and this chapter will have you using some very fruity notes to season your solos!
  • Exposing the power of silence in your solos so you can sound like BB King!
  • Promoting the proper use of repetition to keep your audience from losing interest in your solos - there's a fine line between sublimity and ridiculousness - this chapter will give you the heads up on how to craft Zen-like mastery in your phrasing so you'll avoid looking and feeling foolish when you're jamming the blues!
  • Introducing you to the correct art of Call and Response - whether you know it or not, soloing Blues Guitar is all about telling stories and properly using Call and Response you'll become a story-telling maestro
  • Acquainting you to the apposite use of Arpeggios in your blues guitar solos so you'll add a flair and lyricism that is the want of many a blues player.
  • Making you master the Modes in your Blues - this chapter isn't for everyone, but it'll introduce you to the Modes and how you can use them in your soloing - well worth it if you want to expand your palette of expression outside of the Blues Scale.
  • How to tie all what you've learnt together in a meaningful and dynamic way over a 12 bar pass - using slides, HO's and PO's, octaves, non-scale notes, bends etc you'll see how it all comes together over 12 bars, all broken down in easy to understand phrases.

What you need to know before you buy this Blues Improving Masterpiece!

Although comprehensive, the Blues Guitar Seminar is by no means for everyone, and doesn't cover some more advanced techniques, but you need to have a few things in place before you commit to buying, they are:

  • You have to WANT to PLAY THE BLUES!
  • You have to be a player with at least 3-6 months experience - although aimed towards beginners, The Blues Guitar Seminar has a WEALTH of information relevant for Blues Guitar Players well beyond beginner too
  • You have to know how to read Guitar Tab
  • You have to know how to look at a scale chart (like the ones you can create here: )

What you get when you purchase the Blues Guitar Seminar

The Workbook:

Included in all Bronze, Silver and Gold Packages, The Blues Guitar Seminar Workbook is split into 3 main sections:

Section 1:

  • 10 Chapters on the basics and beyond of Blues Guitar Soloing
  • Each chapter focuses on a given area of blues soloing and you'll get the best results when you play the exercises to the blues backing tracks which are included on the Workbook CD! (See below)
  • 2 bonus chapters - one on the 'Lyrical Chords' - which is a way to link the blues scales to chords.
  • The 2nd bonus chapter has a short assortment of Blues Licks

Section 2:

An 80 page reference bible of ALL the minor blues scales in EVERY position - notated in a clear, easy to understand and informative way, you'll be playing in every across the neck before you know it!

Section 3:

Nearly 40 pages of inspiring and informative articles on noted blues artists, styles and things you have to know as an aspiring blues guitarist. Everyone from Robert Johnson to John Mayer and styles from Delta Blues to Blues Rock are covered in short, but fact-packed and interesting articles.

The CDs:

Workbook CD:

Depending on which package you buy, the bronze package has the Blues Guitar Seminar Workbook CD that has recordings of the 86 exercises from each of the 12 chapters so you'll be able to listen as well as look at what you want to learn. This makes things a lot better as you'll actually be able to hear what the exercises, phrases and licks sound like.

But what really sets Blues Guitar Seminar Workbook CD apart is the inclusion of professionally produced Blues Backing Tracks that make practicing exercises, licks and phrases so much more interesting - you actually feel like you're playing the blues as opposed to just playing to the four walls of your practice room. So, at the head of each chapter in the workbook is a suggested Blues Backing Track that will sound great when you play all of the exercises in that chapter to it. All those tracks are included on the CD!

(mini) Trading 12s 1 and 2 CDs: (SILVER PACKAGE ONLY)

When you upgrade to the Silver Package, what you'll get are 'Mini' Trading 12s 1 and 2 - these 2 CDs have 12 5 minute Blues Backing Tracks in each of the 12 keys (see track list and audio samples below!) so they will enable you to practice your new blues skills in every key! They get the name 'Mini' Trading 12s because the blues backing tracks on them are 5 minute versions of their 20 minute counterparts found on the full length Trading 12s 1 and 2 which are available if you upgrade to the Gold Package (more information on Trading 12s 1 here; and on Trading 12s 2 here, also, see below).

Some beginners may be intimidated by the longer Blues Backing Tracks, so the 5 Minute long Blues Backing Tracks on the SILVER PACKAGE are perfect for those who arent ready to jam for 20 minutes at a time to the tracks found on the Full Length Trading 12s

(Full Length) Trading 12s 1 and 2: (GOLD PACKAGE ONLY)

If you're feeling little more adventurous, then Trading 12s 1 and 2 will provide you with the ultimate in Blues Guitar practice tools - a total of 8 CDs that cover 24 'over-20-minute-long' Blues Backing Tracks in every key, style and tempo. What these tracks provide you with is time and freedom to play the blues until your fingers bleed! Imagine having a professional band play behind you for 20 minutes at a time in any and every key and pretty much every style and tempo!

All in all, The Blues Guitar Seminar Workbook is 167 pages of informative, easy to understand, professionally produced, relevant material that will get your Blues Guitar Playing off on the right foot!


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