The Blues Scale
All The Positions of the Blues Scale in Every Key

The Blues Scale

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In any profession, the old saying 'you're only as good as your tools' rings as true in the world of Blues Guitar as it does anywhere else.

And if you want to succeed, then you need the right tools for success.

This is where 'The Blues Scale' comes in.

A comprehensive 87 Page PDF reference book of all 12 keys of the Blues Scale in EVERY position. Presented in 4 easy to understand forms - Notation, Tab, Vertical Chord Grids, and Horizontal 'photographic' Scale Charts.

This one book will map out the mysteries of the fretboard for you! You'll soon be able to play in every key and every position - something that is the want of MOST guitarists. You'll never struggle in 'weird' keys, as once you glean the wisdom found in 'The Blues Scale' you'll be able to jam with anyone, in any key anywhere on the fretboard! And you'll have a GREAT time doing it too!

I love the blues and teaching it to my students is made a whole lot easier using 'The Blues Scale' as the go-to reference manual. All of my students have to own it and it enlightens the misty mazes of the fretboard for them - it's also the perfect accompaniment to all of the 'Over-20-Minute-Blues-Backing-Tracks' found here on

What are you waiting for? An 'accidental' discovery of all the positions of the blues scale? Are you hoping to 'stumble upon' mastery of the blues? If so, you're going to need about 100 lifetimes! Or are you smart enough to see the value in the One Tool that shows you the most important scale on the guitar in every key, position and shape thus allowing you to do what you really want to, and that's PLAYING SOME SICK BLUES! 

Enjoy the book - it really will help you out!


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